Our work is to make yours look good

Let’s be honest. Agencies usually have some cute way of describing themselves. Or they try really hard to differentiate with some sophisticated sounding shorthand. We're not gonna do that. Why? because we're a studio over an agency. A skunkworks for things that excite us, and in turn, excite your customers.

Our Approach

Our approach is characterized by an agile method combining strategy, design and technology. Oh, and great people too.
We are firm believers in putting in the hard yards, making processes work and dividends for good work. What drives us? The people who build things (us), the people we partner with (you), and the people who enjoy using what we've made (your customers).
Well-made. Well-designed. Packaged in a way people will actually use. And not just use, share. We believe in aesthetics, creative that stops you in your tracks. We believe in light-as-air tech, as seamless as real life.

Tools should adapt to the user, not the other way around.

The same way tools were invented that allowed farmers to work in an upright position, digital products should have users as their main concern. They should somehow improve the lives of people by having a good sense of the problem they solve, who it is solving it for and, above all, how it is solved.

Only, there are some peculiarities to digital products. Things can get really complex, really quickly, and a pragmatic, synthetic and clear vision is essential to be able to create something that, after all, is meant to be used. Emotions also have a big role to play and developing clear and beautiful aesthetics is of the utmost importance when creating a pleasant environment in which the user actually enjoys the time spent in it. In the end, we're all suckers for beautiful things that just work.

From Start to finish

We provide value to our clients through design thinking and customized tech stacks. Our designers, full-stack developers, project managers and strategists are working in closely-knit teams throughout the project.

Driven by insights

We truly believe that good research leads to effective design, robust tech stacks and tailor-made outcomes. Powerful concepts are driven by stirring insights.

Powered by Creativity

At Cope, creativity is what drives the Studio. It manifests itself through our management approach, creation process and technological development. This is why each web project is unique, just like you.

Obsessed with results

We develop digital solutions, platforms and modules that have a real impact for our customers. We firmly believe that creating tailor-made digital projects is essential to the success of tomorrow's thriving businesses.

We’re global

Solid communication, iteration and prototyping allows us to work alongside clients from all around the world. We host project workshops, brainstorming sessions and work side by side with you and your team. Just like being neighbours, you can drop by for some eggs, anytime. We also travel regularly to do the exact same thing with the added bonus of getting to know new places!
Bet you 5 dollars that we're worth a Zoom.
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Our Process


First, we need to know everything about you and your project. That's why we will ask a lot of questions - what's your motivation, your target audience, your competitors and so on. Once we get familiar with your business, we can define the main objectives and what you want to achieve by contacting us. Then we can structure the project plan and kick off the next phase.

• Define
• Meet & Brief
• Define Objectives
• Kick Off
• Planning
• Research
• Discovery
• Content


In the Design phase we do lots of design exploration, such as sketching, wire-framing, interface and visual design iterations in order to find the best solution possible that matches the main objectives. Once we have the design direction set and approved, we are ready to hand off all assets for implementation.

• Design
• Development
• Testing & QA
• Launch
• Documentation & Guides
• Project Hand Off
• Warranty & Support
• Evaluation


The Implementation phase could be mostly technological development, print production or both. What we do is finding the tools and frameworks that best suit the project's needs, and then - we use them. Once the project is shipped, we prepare detailed user guides and documentation. Afterwards we are still available for ongoing support and evaluation of the achieved results.

• Implement
• Development
• Testing & QA
• Launch
• Documentation & Guides
• Project Hand Off
• Warranty & Support
• Evaluation


• 3D
• Illustration
• Photography
• Social content
• Graphic design
• Creative strategy
• Creative direction
• Sound design / music
• Animation / Motion graphics
• Creative thinking / conception
• Installation & experience design


• Native iOS / Android applications
• Server Side Engineering
• Real time 3D / WebGL
• Projection mapping
• Web Experiences
• Gaming/Unity
• Installations
• AR, VR, XR
• Voice
• AI